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Adventure tourism and Quad bike in Nepal

–Balram Maharjan

Kathmandu- COVID-19 related deaths worldwide approaching 1.87millions death by 2021 beginning. The effects on the worldwide economy have been badly affected. The consequences in low middle income economy such as Nepal where economy on a small number of services and industries are highly affected for the decade. Tourism is one of the Largest industries where the revenue in 2018 was 7.9% of the total GDP and provides more than 1.5million jobs with directly and 0.5 million indirectly. Nepal hosted 1.19 million foreign tourists in 2019 and the VISIT NEPAL2020 campaign expect to attract 2 million visitors and targeted of $2 billion and create thousands of new jobs. Similarly, many corporate houses invest in lodging industry where American brand like Marriott also been introduced and other many international chains are in the pipeline. The Entrepreneur and investors for Tourism industry are highly affected and waiting for normal world without COVID-19. However, it might take the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. There is no hope for opening of international Tourism at least for 6 months. Despite of all these suffering, People began to adjust with the COVID-19.

Domestic tourism has been slowly taking its new normal place. People are traveling and they need retreat after long time for home isolation and lockdown. With the departure of Dashain, slowly the internal tourism of Nepal is slow recovering been in a lime light. To recover the tourism in Nepal, – Government should immediate implement the two days’ holidays to promote domestic tourism. – Government also need to high priorities on domestic tourism destination by building fastest road access not only that but also black top it. – Financial institution should give subsidies in interest rate for tourism base business at least for 2.5% interest rate. – The concern department of Government facilitate for the common platform to unified the adventure – International Flights need to open with the heavy safety protocol. For the past few years, there are so many heart pumping adventure in Nepal. Paragliding, skydive in Pokhara, Rafting in Trisuli and Bhotekosi, recently launched Bungee in Kusma, Zipline in Khawa are popular adventure activities which makes you adrenaline rush. Among so many adventurous activities, Quad Bike has been the youngest adventure activity in Nepal which was launched in December 16, 2019 targeted for VISIT NEPAL 2020.

Just few days ago, the company celebrated its first anniversary. The ride is operated in Chitlang in collaboration with Chitlang Resort. There’s a separate 6KM ride begin from the property of Chitlang resort with passing way to Swiss hills and end at the Forestry College. At the present, the company is operating 5 Quad bike which is mostly got busy during the weekends. The company plans to add 5 more Quad bike within six months. Furthermore, the team is also new destination for the quad bike route to expand its operation. All the stakeholder, who are working in the adventure sector should come under the one roof and collective work together to promote adventure tourism. Government should also need to play vital role to facilitate and network among the investor, entrepreneur and all the stakeholder who are working in the industry. Award ceremony, seminar and workshop could play vita role in order to network, promote adventure tourism and facilitate to come under the one roof.Segregate the award ceremony program Network

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