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‘Paragliding’ attracts domestic tourists

Pokhara, Oct 25 :

Paragliding has drawn the attention of domestic tourists in Pokhara with the gradual rise in the mobility of people in festive sessions. Chairperson of Nepal Air Sports Association Krishna Bhandari informed that most of the tourists visiting Pokhara during Dashain and Tihar festivals preferred paragliding.

Number of people enjoying paragliding has increased in Pokhara with the rise in the arrival of domestic tourists following the coronavirus pandemic. “The inflow of domestic tourists has enthused paragliding entrepreneurs”, he shared. Chairperson of Paragliding Flight Club Bimal Pahari said around 400 flights had taken place every day during Dashain vacation and now the number of daily flights has reduced to 150. “Increasing attraction of domestic tourists towards adventurous sports has also rekindled the hope of entrepreneurs to sustain paragliding service”, he further said. There are 338 para flights who obtained a paragliding license from the Air Sports Organization. Twelve out of them are women.

As many as 60 paragliding companies are providing service in Pokhara. The sector has a total investment of Rs 1 billion. One can take the joy of paragliding at Rs 6,000. Proprietor of Himalaya Sky Adventure Paragliding Company Madhav Tiwarisaid paragliding services are being delivered taking into consideration the ‘safety’ and ‘security’ measures. —-

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